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NEW!! September Issue NEW!!
I need an Editor to take over
Please let me know if you're interested

I need an editor for the next 10 months, if interested please let me know..This is my third issue of the Neon Light 'zine. I need your submissions to keep it running so continue to send them on in. I plan on making a few changes to the next issue to make this ezine even better. I am looking for advertisers for my site and someone to take over the site for awhile, contact me if you would like either position. I am also looking for donations, contact me about that too. Please feel free to submit your work or send comments on my site. Thankx, Josh Beavers

Stories, Poems and art


Send submissions to me at: My


If you would like your work to be included in The Neon Light Zine send your submission to me via email. Your submission will be looked at in a proffesional manner. Your work will be on display for others to see, but no payment will be given. Please send your work in format that is somewhat generic. Send art in either jpeg of gif format.

Things to remember

-Buy milk every 3 days

-Don't die

-Don't get Lost

-And much more!!!!!

Submit your work to me

click here if you're under 18

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